Mr. Sigmund takes new coaching position

August 17, 2015

This article was originally published in our May, 2015 print edition of The Glen Bard.

Teachers have a special ability to impact their students’ lives for the better, and John Sigmund has went above and beyond when working with the thousands of lucky students at Glenbard West. John Sigmund known to many of his leadership PE classes, adventure challenge classes, or athletic teams as ‘Sigs’ has been working at Glenbard West for the past eleven years. He coached football for eleven years, girls basketball for four years, and track and field for four years as well as teaching Physical Education for the past six years.

Mr. Sigmund will be concluding his time at West at the end of this year and will begin teaching in the fall at Elk Grove High School. He has already gotten to know his new football team, of which he will be head coach, and will begin working with them during the summer. He says that this will be a “new journey” and knows that because Elk Grove plays their games Friday evenings, he will be attending every Glenbard West football game being “The biggest cheerleader in the stands on Saturday afternoons” because he believes that “once a Hilltopper, always a Hilltopper.”

Mr. Sigmund has made a profound impact on the hundreds of students he has taught in the classroom and on the field, speaking with a few of his Adventure Challenge students who have each had him for the past three years really show the joy this man has spread throughout Glenbard West. Ellie Hohulin, senior, says that he is a “loving, teddy bear who cares about our real lives and our leadership development.”

Sarah Knapp, senior, says that “Sigs cares about things that aren’t gym related, you’ve got a friend in Sigs.”
Grace Houghton-Larsen, senior, says that he, “cares about students as a whole and pushes you to be better but also acknowledges things going on in life. He is supporting and encouraging and provides infectious positivity.”
Hannah Seeman, senior, said, “This is my first semester in Adventure Challenge and to be honest, I wasn’t too sure that it could top my 1st semester’s team sports class. However, Sigs’ constant support and jokes keep me climbing when I’m ready to slide down the cable ladder. I’m not the most athletic individual here at West, but teachers like Sigs make me love exercising, and gym my favorite class.”

While it is a serious loss in our athletic department and our physical education department with Mr. Sigmund moving on to begin a new journey at Elk Grove High School, Glenbard West has become a better school because of the positive influence that he has brought on the field and on the high ropes course. From all of the students here are West, we are so thankful for you Mr. Sigmund!

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