Early mornings, passionate dedication drive Girls Swim Team


The Glenbard West and Glenbard South Girls Swim Team.

While most students at Glenbard West are rolling out of bed at 6 o’clock in the morning, at this time, the girl’s West / South Swim Team is warming up for a hard morning workout three days a week. Right after weights, which can be at either Biester or at Glenbard South’s weight room, swimmers continue their day by heading to their first class.

After school, the swimmers  go straight to practice at the College of DuPage’s newly-renovated pool.

Our high school swimmers practice six days a week. “The total practice time is about 15 hours a week, plus meets and stretching,” says coach Chris Flamion. On Thursdays and sometimes Fridays, there are dual meets with other schools in Glenbard West’s conference. These meets range from four to five hours, and can end late at night.

For sophomore Annabel Davis, this means staying up late to finish homework, even when she has to wake early for weights before school. Annabel says, “It’s hard to get enough sleep each night and get homework done.”

Swimming in high school can limit clubs students can choose from. With most clubs meeting right before or right after school, Annabel says she missed out of “Key Club, Forensics, Chem Club, Best Buddies, Student Council, and others.”

Although she might not have been able to participate in these clubs, she says, “I love swim and as hard […] it can be sometimes, I don’t know what I would do without it.”

A major struggle with an off-campus sport is transportation to practice.

Coach Chris Flamion says, “Getting everyone to practice every day takes a massive effort from a ton of people.” Practice also starts at 2:30 p.m., which can be a problem because students of Glenbard West and South get out of school at 2:35, and 1:52 on PLC days. Further limiting the practice times of the swim team. Since neither Glenbard West or Glenbard South have a pool, there are only certain practice times available at local College of DuPage. Sometimes, these specific times do not work in the swim team’s favor.

Recently, the girl’s and boy’s swim team have become a recognized sport by Glenbard West. This recognition allows for cheaper initial payments, allowing for more students to join the Swim Team. Head coach, Chris Flamion, says that “costs are no longer a hurdle. Kids were paying $500 [and more] a year to be on the team.”

The Co-Op West / South Swim Team is a great place to make friends, have fun, and get fit this school year. Try out for the boy’s team this upcoming winter season, and next year try out for the girl’s summer / fall season at the beginning of the school year.

Good luck to girls participating in Conference, Sectionals, and State!