Ukraine and Russia: here’s what’s happening
West expands engineering courses, Science teacher encourages students to enroll
What’s up with the masks?
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What’s up with the masks?
Ramadan 2022 Has Arrived
Reflecting on her first semester at Glenbard West

March 23, 2022

and expressing her hopes for the future: Mrs. Monique Godziszewski After previously working at Bolingbrook High School for four years, Mrs. Monique Godziszewski (Mrs. G) joined the English department...

Teenagers Need to Sleep More and Here’s Why

March 11, 2022

How many hours of sleep do you get each night? If it’s not between 8 and 10, you are part of the 70% of teenagers that don’t get enough sleep. Between schoolwork, sports, and jobs, it can be difficult...

The Chicago Public School Shutdown, and what it Teaches Glenbard West

January 19, 2022

Chicago Public Schools, or CPS for short, includes a whopping 340,658 students and 636 schools, making it one of the largest school conglomerates in the United States. Recently, the grouping of schools...

Meet Glenbard West’s New Librarian

November 11, 2021

Ms. Alicia Hollander is the Elliott Library’s newest Head Librarian. Previously an English teacher at Glenbard North, Ms. Hollander joined the West staff this year and brings her experience and passion...

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