Nate Dell Commits to Xavier University

Eaton Ford, Columnist

Those who don’t follow tennis at West may not know that we have top-ranked tennis player at our school. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with senior, Varsity Tennis standout, Nate Dell, regarding his future plans for the sport after he graduates.

What university did you recently commit to?

N: “I committed to Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.”

When did you begin playing tennis and what attracted you to the sport?

N: “I started playing when I was 12 and I always liked the competitive nature of the sport.”

What’s one word that could describe how you felt after Xavier offered you a scholarship to play tennis?

N: “Ecstatic.”

Did you expect to get a scholarship?

N: “I was hoping to get one because I sacrificed a lot of time to tennis and worked really hard to get to where I am now.”

Why did you choose Xavier as opposed to another university?

N: “I really liked the coach and how close-knit the players were as a team. Also the campus was beautiful and only ten minutes from downtown Cincinnati.”

What do you plan on majoring in at Xavier?

N: “I plan to major in finance because Xavier has one of the top 25 best business schools in the country.”

What professional tennis player do you look up to?

N: “Ever since I started playing I’ve looked up to Rafael Nadal, I really enjoy his playing style and quickness.”

What will you bring to Xavier?

N: “I am going to bring a hard work ethic and hopefully I can contribute in bringing a Big East title in tennis to Xavier.”

How do you think GBW boy’s varsity tennis will perform this year?

N: “I think we will better than we were last year. We have a lot of good freshmen coming into our tennis program, who should be able to contribute right away to the team.”

What goals do you have in your final tennis season at West?

N: “My number one goal is for us to win state and I believe we have the talent and the ability to do that.”

I appreciate you speaking with me Nate. Your hard work and commitment has finally paid off. This is probably just one of many accomplishments you will fulfill in your tennis career. We wish you all the best in your years to come at Xavier!