West Students Show Their #GlenbardGratitude

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After school in the cafeteria today, dozens of students sat at tables munching on pizza and writing thank you cards. Taking the November West Way theme of Gratitude in stride, each student picked a faculty or staff member who had made a difference in their time at West and personalized a card to show exactly how much this adult meant to them. The tables were covered in markers and stickers, and students were happy to put in the effort to create unique cards to send to their influential educators.
“I think [Gratitude Day] is great. […] The teachers here do so much for us and it is nice to be able to thank them for it,” said Claire Tylke, a senior.
While November is Gratitude Month here at West, it is important not to limit our appreciation of the faculty and staff here to a couple weeks a year. Stop a teacher in the hallway and thank them! Tell an Andy Frain you appreciate what they do. After all the work that the adults at West do to help us succeed, it is the least that we can do.

Use the hashtag #GlenbardGratitude to post your photos from Gratitude Day or to say “thank you” to a staff member on Instagram or Twitter.