Bah Humbug: Three Weeks ‘Till Christmas


Shay Kiker, Managing Editor, Columnist

There are three weeks until winter break, which means fifteen school days and two weekends. For seniors it means a few straggling college essays and for freshmen it means their first set of finals to study for (it is never too early). Yet amidst all of the work in the few weeks ahead, there is a lot to be celebrated with the coming holidays. Below are five ways to survive the next three weeks and celebrate a little along the way.

1. Holiday Shopping
Holiday shopping is considered the best activity of the season by some and the worst by others. Independent of the holiday you celebrate, presents are a great way to share the giving spirit with others. Historically known as the best time of year to show generosity, gifting even a little trinket or spare change to someone in need could go a long way this December. It is a good way to prepare for a season of giving

2. Silver Bells
As terrible of a play on words as it may be, holiday music seems to lift the spirit. Sometimes it provides a much needed distraction too. During a power homework session, hit play and simultaneously think of snow and school. Or if holiday music is not your thing, check out the article “The Best Spotify Playlists to Help You Through The Next Three Weeks.”

3. Countdown to Celebration
Pick a favorite countdown app or create a crafty countdown to the next holiday. Not only will it inspire thankfulness for the season, but anticipation for the next long break.

4. Coffee Shop Stop
Peppermint Mochas and Caramel Lattes were not created to go untouched. Treat a friend to a quick catch-up session midweek and don the holiday spirit. The friends will be happy to receive a text with the coffee mug emoji and an excuse to get out of the house.

5. Opt Outside
REI decided to pay their employees to play outside on Black Friday instead of tend to customers. Their catchphrase was #optoutside and thousands of people joined them in finding fun outdoors. Though it is bitter in Chicagoland, there are a variety of fun activities outside. Go skate in Maggie Daley park or snowshoe in the Arboretum.

No matter what the celebration is, do not wait until the break because this month is worth celebrating. Welcome to December!