What are the best apps for staying organized?

Kaylee Sulda, Contributing Writer

As students start a new school year, they might need the aid of some different apps to stay organized. Many students favor the Notability app, seeing as it has helped them keep track of their notes and homework.  Students can color code different subjects and units and organize notes, worksheets, and homework assignments.

“I use Notability, which helps me put different assignments in different folders for every class,” says Maria D’Agostino, freshman. “I have used [this app] since the beginning of the year and in mostly all of my classes.”

“I use Notability and Schoology a lot,” says Ellie Tolman, freshman. “They help me organize all my different classes in folders and colors and I use it for class every day.”

There are some students who use multiple apps to help keep themselves organized.  These apps can replace typical school supplies such as assignment notebooks.

“I use Notability, Calendar, and Google Drive,” says Courtney Schoen, freshman. “I use these apps in all my classes to organize my homework.”

However, it is not only students that use apps to stay organized, some teachers use them as well.

“I use the app called Things, which is my favorite, but it’s kind of expensive, and I also use To Do List,” says Mrs. Brennan, Biology teacher. “I would suggest that students get My Homework because it can help you organize what homework you have.”

There are also some teachers who do not only use these apps at school, but at home too.

“Wunderlist and Google Keep are good apps,” says Mrs. Witt, English teacher. “Also Google Calendar helps me stay organized in different classes and at home.”

“The Notes app, and the Calendar app help me stay organized,” says Mrs. Mitchell, English teacher. “I’ve used these apps since I got my phone and this is how I keep track of different schedules and things that I might need to know for work.”

As you can see many different people use different apps for organization. It is really up to the student what they may or may not want to use. Hopefully you learned about some different apps that might help you stay organized!  Check out the list below:

download (1)Notability 

  • Take notes
  • Annotate PDFs
  • Complete class worksheets (you can type or hand write your notes)
  • Add pictures or other media

download (2)Things 

  • Task manager
  • Organize to-do lists on all your devices
  • Tag to-do lists to find them easily
  • Gives you a daily review of things you need to do

download (3)    Wunderlist

  • Organize and share your to-do list
  • Set due dates and reminders

download (4)  My Homework 

  • Sync on all your devices
  • Track homework due dates, set deadlines for yourself
  • If teachers have the teacher app, they can share information about their classes