Bailey Perez Commits to Stanford Gymnastics


Photo Courtesy of Bailey Perez

Bailey Perez, senior, completing a flip in a gymnastics routine

As documented through our successful season of fall sports this year, there are countless students with gifted athletic abilities at Glenbard West.  But one in particular stands out from the rest: Bailey Perez, an outstanding senior gymnast.

Bailey began competing as a level four gymnast at the age of six and has continually progressed in the sport ever since.  As a freshman Bailey joined the Junior National team and has been able to establish friendships with gymnasts across the country as a result.

“It is one of the great things about the sport,” says Bailey.

However, most recently Bailey made the biggest decision in his gymnastics career, in committing to Stanford University in late October while visiting the school.

“I felt incredible, it was one of the greatest moments in my life. All of my commitment had paid off,” Bailey explains.

A huge amount of commitment is needed for Bailey in his gymnastics career. He trains 20 hours each week and must balance a heavy load of schoolwork on top of that, which could prove to be stressful for some.

“I have to be very organized with my time because my school work is equally important to me. I try to use any free time I have to get my work done and if possible get ahead.”

Bailey decided on Stanford because he “wanted to be a part of a great team at a great university” and “it couldn’t get better than Stanford University.”

Although he doesn’t intend to make a career in gymnastics, he looks forward to having a successful gymnastics career while at Stanford.

“Like most gymnasts after college we try to translate our successes into a different profession for our living,” Bailey explains.

Stanford does not require its students to declare a major until their junior year at the university, therefore Bailey will spend that time “taking a variety of classes in search of a major that fits” him and that he has “a real passion for.”

Glenbard West is proud and fortunate to have such a talented athlete as Bailey as a part of our student body. His words of wisdom for aspiring gymnasts?

“Find something you have a great deal of passion for and enjoy it, along with all the good things that come from your commitment to it.”

Perez’s commitment to Stanford is just one of the many accomplishments he will fulfill in his gymnastics and academic career. We wish Bailey all the best in his years to come at Stanford!