TCD Program Offers Unique Experience for West Students

The Technology Center of DuPage offers a variety of career and technical education programs.


Photo Courtesy of Ana Uribe

TCD Students hard at work during their average school day.

With upcoming enrollment for sophomores and juniors, TCD is a great option for those who are interested in learning about future career opportunities. TCD is a program at West which stands for Technology Center of DuPage.

It offers over 20 career programs in different fields for juniors and seniors in high school.  The class is three periods long and students take a bus to the TCD, located in Addison.

The program allows students to be eligible for college credit upon completion of the whatever course in which they have enrolled. More than 20 high schools participate in the program. Therefore, it is diverse and allows students to interact with other high schoolers in the area. 

Ana Uribe, West junior, is currently enrolled in the Medical Terminology and Healthcare Career Program and she would strongly recommend this program for students who are interested in the medical field. Uribe states, “It’s a lot of independent work and every week I get assigned a healthcare career and we research that career to see if it is interesting to us.”

By the end of this year Uribe and all of the other students enrolled in the Medical Terminology and Healthcare Career Program will be CPR and First Aid certified.

“TCD taught me a lot about my future career opportunities and even though it is time consuming it’s worth it,” Uribe explains. 

Other courses TCD offers includes Auto Body Repair and Finishing, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, and Multimedia and TV Production.

Talk to your counselor and see if any TCD programs are right for you next year!