Caroline Maltby commits to Seattle University to play tennis


Caroline Maltby fighting for the win in her match against Wheaton Warrenville South during the previous season.

Caroline Maltby, senior at Glenbard West High School, has been offered a full ride scholarship to play tennis at Seattle University.

With high rankings in tennis not only at the school level but also in the state, Maltby will continue to impress during her college years because of her hard work ethics.

Maltby’s tennis coach, Jim Valleskey, said, “She will go far in the tennis career” because he noticed that Caroline would work hard not only during practice but before and even after. Valleskey taught Caroline what being on a team meant and because of that, “the whole aspect of being on a team made [Caroline] want to continue” in college.

With extraordinary talent from one individual, choosing the right school can be difficult. Maltby explains that Seattle is the perfect match for her due to the academics, the beautiful campus, and even the sweet girls on the tennis team.

Maltby said she made the academic part of college a priority and that juggling school and the tennis team “definitely will be hard.”

Of juggling academics and sports, Maltby said, “You’re not like a normal college student, but it’s the best thing ever and it pays off.” Maltby also said she is glad she will be busy which helps to get through her day.

Maltby’s off-the-chart work and tennis playing started at the Hinsdale Racquet Club where she was coached by Jack Sharp. During most of high school, she took lessons from Oak Brook Tennis Center and now mainly practices privately with her coach Anthony Pearson.

While playing with her coaches, Maltby’s dad also has been a very large part of her tennis life. She explains, “He got me into tennis, so he’s been my role model and that is how we connect. [We] go to tournaments together and that’s how [we] mesh.”

All in all, Caroline Maltby, the Glenbard West senior with incredible talent, is choosing to continue her tennis journey at Seattle University where she will inspire and impress crowds of many with her skills. Ecstatic to be playing on a team and working on her game, Maltby is glad to say she will most likely be playing tennis just for fun after college and hopes to continue her career for the rest of her life.

Much luck to Caroline Maltby on her journey to play college tennis!

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Photo by Mrs. Staron.