Justin Pierce, William and Mary Commit

Senior, Justin Pierce, discusses his outstanding basketball season and college commitment to William and Mary.

Justin, senior and number 32, high-fives his teammates after another big win this season.
Justin, senior and number 32, high-fives his teammates after another big win this season.

This basketball season has been record-setting this year, as the Hilltoppers, ranked 15th in State, are carrying the best record in school history of 19 wins and 2 losses. The team’s immense skill and chemistry contribute to this success, as well as leadership from one of the captains, Justin Pierce, who has committed to play for William and Mary next fall.

Justin’s passion for basketball began as a second-grader, looking up to players such as Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant while trying to emulate his game after theirs. Through the years, his talent, dedication, and love for the game got him to a level where he could play for a scholarship in college.

“I realized I could get a scholarship for basketball junior year. I had a growth spurt and grew to about 6’6” and had a good season that year,” says Pierce. “That’s when coaches starting calling me.”

This past summer Justin has picked up 12 full-ride scholarships and 2 Ivy League offers from Boston University, Bucknell, Brown, Belmont, Furman, Lehigh, Northeastern, IUPUI, Albany, Toledo, Wisconsin Green Bay, Yale, and of course William and Mary. Justin explains that he narrowed his choices down to William and Mary, Belmont, and Boston University, and after taking visits to all three, he decided William and Mary was his best option.

“[William and Mary] is such a good school academically, where I plan to major in business,” explains Justin as to why he chose the school, “Also, I was the most comfortable with their coaches and players, and I will get an opportunity to play right away and make the NCAA Tournament.”

Although set for college next year, Justin is still not finished with Glenbard West Basketball, and hopes to win conference with his team for the first time since 1973, as well as making it far into the playoffs and possibly get downstate.

In addition to being successful this year, Justin explains, “I just want to enjoy this last year playing basketball with all my friends and have the best time possible.”

As for younger players who hope to follow in Pierce’s footsteps, he advises to “practice, practice, practice.” Justin believes that getting shots up as much as possible, getting stronger in the weight room, and doing dribbling drills are the keys to success, as “there is always something to improve on”.

Good Luck to Justin as he finishes his high school career and begins his college career! Go Tribe!