Standardized Testing Changes

Testing season is right around the corner, and the ACT and the SAT are both crucial tests to take. The score you get will change your chances on college admission and your college selection.

Some changes were made to the ACT and SAT, and knowing these changes will help you succeed on these crucial tests.

The ACT does not have any changes other than its writing section. The new, revised writing section is now 40 minutes, comes with 3 perspectives to help you organize your essay, and is in a more argumentative structure.

The SAT is a completely revised test. On this new test there is now no penalty for guessing, and the score is out of 1600.  There is a 65 minute reading test, a 35 minute grammar test, a 55 minute calculator and a 25 minute non-calculator math tests, and a 50 minute optional essay test.

The ACT is coming up on April 19th, and it will be the final year District 87 will sponsor the test because next year’s juniors will take the new SAT.