Miranda’s ‘Hamilton’ Steals the Show

Picture courtesy of Hamiltonbroadway.com.

Picture courtesy of Hamiltonbroadway.com.

Try googling the word “Hamilton.” What comes up? It is not the face of one of this great nation’s founding fathers; no, it is Hamilton: An American Musical. So what has made this Broadway show such a phenomenon?

Partially what makes the show so intriguing is the man behind it: Lin-Manuel Miranda. The 36-year-old actor, composer, rapper, and writer was instantly fascinated when he picked up a copy of the biography Alexander Hamilton, written by Ron Chernow. As he read, Miranda was amazed at the burdensome life of Alexander Hamilton and began secretly composing a musical based on his life. The show might sound like a drab tale, but contrary to expectations the man behind the music created a show that has been beloved by all.

The hip-hop music and refreshing doses of rap create a vibe that all ages are drawn to. The musical showcases a racially diverse cast which enforces the idea that U.S history includes a wide variety of cultures. In the transformation into the modern world, Hamilton’s story still does not lose its historical accuracy–all the trial and triumph of our founding father’s journey remain present.

Therefore, anyone and everyone can, and will, be drawn to Hamilton. History lovers, music enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a magnificent night out on the town, can come and enjoy Hamilton when it returns to Chicago starting September 27. Miranda has captured the history that Alexander Hamilton and our founding fathers strived to create all along. Every generation, race, and American of any kind is coming together to go through the pain and the celebration of what it is to be a citizen of our nation. Hamilton: An American Musical will leave you feeling all together patriotic.

Performances of Hamilton: An American Musical start September 27, 2016.  You can get tickets here.