Super Fans aim to show why Glenbard West is the king of school spirit

This year’s super fans, charged with making West fans go bonkers, are ready to show why GBW is the poster child for school spirit.

Charlie Faber, a super fan and senior at West, when asked what his favorite part of being a super fan is said, “Just seeing the fans going crazy is surreal. When you can get the whole crowd screaming and going crazy, it’s pretty lit.”

Melina Thurmond another senior and super fan agreed with Charlie by saying, “I love leading the crowd and representing the school is really cool.”

Being in the stands, fans never really know what the players actually think. Chad Hetlet, head coach of the football team said, “[West school spirit is] absolutely the best. I have been coaching football for 22 years and there has never been a better group of fans I’ve ever seen in my life.” When asked if the fans actually have an impact on the game, Hetlet enthusiastically responded, “When we are able to pack the house at home and on the road, and have as many fans if not more from our student body, it has a major impact and the players absolutely love it.”

Being a super fan isn’t just screaming loudly, it takes a lot of planning. Melina expressed, “It’s a hassle sometimes trying to plan who is going to bring what. But everyone is super communicative so it all works out.” The super fans set up the student sections for each game but West Spirit Club, run by Mr. Delcid, watches over them with support.

Super fans must truly love Glenbard West and have a passion for what their school has accomplished. Charlie was asked what he thought the best part of West was. After taking a couple of seconds to think back, he answered, “How West offers so much to students so they can meet a ton of people and always have a chance to make friends.”

Melina answered equally emphatically: “ I love the joyous atmosphere” she said with a laugh, “ as much as everyone doesn’t like going to school, everyone is always super positive and everyone always has a smile on their face.”  

Melina and Charlie both have immense pride for West. When asked what their proudest moment at West was, it was very impressive when they both didn’t talk about their own accomplishments, but about the school in general. Melina spoke about last year’s state football game and how much fun it was to watch the players win. It was one of the happiest moments of her life. Charlie as well, talked about how at last year’s pep rally, seeing all the success that West has had, “was really moving,” Charlie said.

Mr. Mitchell, Assistant Principal for Student Services, has a lot to think about when choosing super fans each spring for the following fall. Some of the requirements for super fans are: great school spirit, exhibiting the West Way inside and outside the classroom, great leadership skills, and being able to show fans the correct way to cheer.  Mr. Mitchell says each spring students individually submit videos about why they should be considered a super fan. 

Glenbard West super fans may not be putting up points on the field or court, but they sure bring an energy that is second to none. Keeping the tradition of having the best fans is going to be tough, but this year’s fans seem to have a pretty good handle on it. With this year’s super fans, it doesn’t look like our cheering section will be getting quiet anytime soon.