High-flying Hamilton


Broadway’s hit new musical, Hamilton, one of the most discussed performances of all time, is enchanting theaters around America. So what is all the hype about Hamilton?

The musical has earned a plethora of awards since opening night in New York city. From a Grammy to Pulitzer Prize for Drama and 11 Tony Awards in between, Hamilton has broken records and exceeded expectations. Speaking of exceeding expectations, Hamilton has sold over 200,000 tickets in advance and brought in almost $30 million dollars. The original Hamilton cast has also been invited to perform at powerful venues, such as the White House, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The success of Hamilton has also allowed the history of Alexander Hamilton to be uncovered. Glenbard West sophomore who attended the performance in Chicago, Jennifer Corke, stated, “I believe the most special part of Hamilton is the message it sends. It recognizes the true Alexander Hamilton and shows the world what it looks like for someone to rise up from the bottom.”

One unique aspect of the musical is the way it was written. Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of this masterpiece, told the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life through 46 original hip-hop songs. What makes this musical monumental is the fact the hip-hop genre remains mostly foreign to the musical theater tradition. According to Clara Haeffner, sophomore who attended the show, “I had memorized every song word-for-word on the album, which made it easier to understand the policies of the Founding Fathers.”

Another aspect that Miranda has brought to light through his work is the diversity of America. The story heavily focuses on how Hamilton’s immigrant upbringing does not hold him back from the accomplishments he provides for the improvement of the nation. Hamilton casts performers from all races and ethnic backgrounds, each bursting with talent beyond compare, and as Clara Haeffner also mentioned, “It has touched people of all ages and represents all races, which is I think a very unique and valuable quality in a piece at a time like this.” Hamilton is an ingenious representation of a crucial snippet of America’s history. The 21st century language draws individuals to come and see the ingenuity and the ‘Hamilton hype’ for themselves.