Iconic Superhero Movie ‘The Incredibles’ to Make its Return in 2018

Get ready for a super return of ‘The Incredibles’

Disney recently announced that a sequel to the famous The Incredibles movie is in the making. This sequel, to be named The Incredibles 2, will be released on June 15, 2018.

The original animated feature film made in 2004 focused on the adventures of a family with superpowers. Bob Parr, known as “Mr. Incredible,” fought evil all his life, but retired with his famous superhero wife to live a normal life in the suburbs with their three kids. Eager to get back into action, Bob accepts the opportunity to take on a top-secret mission on a remote island. The first Incredibles features a series of adventures this superhero family undergoes.

The Incredibles 2 will be written and directed by Brad Bird, the same director of the original Incredibles. Sarah Vowell is rumored to reprise the voice of Violet Parr. Raymond Ochoa is also rumored to voice the role of Dash Parr, a change from Spencer Fox’s voice in the original. Rumors are also stating that Jack-Jack, the baby in The Incredibles, or Dash could be the main villains in the sequel. This movie is intended to turn away from typical superhero movies and focus more on the relationships between characters, rather than fighting scenes.

The Incredibles 2 is sure to be a hit no matter what way it is written, so be sure to check it out in theaters June 15, 2018!