Don’t Miss out on Glenbard West’s Electives When You Schedule for 2018-2019!

Electives help students explore interests and develop new skills.


Hailey Ardell

Student artwork from AP Studio Art.

Lily Franz and Ellie Morrison

The electives offered at Glenbard West give students the opportunity to focus on a subject of interest or try something new altogether. At West, a typical day includes 8 periods consisting of 5 core classes, a type of physical education, a lunch block, and an elective of the student’s choice. The plethora of electives can be very beneficial to students both mentally and academically.

Some electives can serve as a break from other challenging courses. An article from PsyWeb explains that “personal pursuits spark and satisfy curiosity, get creative juices flowing, and exercise problem solving skills.” The article further states that “enjoyment of favorite activities helps reduce blood pressure, relieve stress, and elevate mood.”

Glenbard West’s art courses are a great way to exercise creativity and learn new skills. Although some students shy away from these classes because of lack of experience, students of all abilities and talent levels can enroll in an art class and expect to grow their skills.

One unique art class, AP Art History, does not require a camera or a paintbrush, but a textbook. Currently enrolled in the course, senior Marion Lewandowski believes that, “taking Art History has opened [her] eyes to the world around [her].” She recommends the class for “someone who is genuinely interested in learning about historical themes otherwise unaddressed in any other AP history courses.” Mrs. Doyle teaches AP Art History, along with many other art classes, and Marion noted that her passion for the subject greatly enriches the course.

Another department, Family and Consumer Science, offers courses open to any students looking to learn valuable life skills, such as culinary techniques or how to operate a sewing machine to make your own clothing. Glenbard West even has a functioning preschool run by high schoolers enrolled in Preschool Child. Another FACS course, Human Relations, is taken by students who desire to study human relationships and participate in a variety of team building activities.

Electives can also provide students with an opportunity to focus on what they want to pursue in the future. As college rounds the corner, students are forced to consider their greatest skills and interests and how they can apply them to a particular career path or major. Electives allow students to explore various areas of interest.

For students attracted to the growing STEM field, there are many science and math courses available. These include AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, Anatomy, DNA Science, AP Computer Science, and more. Although these classes often have a challenging reputation, teachers highly recommend these courses for students preparing to major in these areas. Sophomore Claire Bletsas recently took Anatomy because of her desire to pursue a career in the medical field. Claire shared that electives have “[given her] a great opportunity to try out things [she] might be interested in, whether it’s for a career focus or just to learn something new.”

Similar course options are available in the Social Studies and English Departments for students interested in those fields. Electives are a great way for students to enrich and add variety to their school days while preparing for their futures.

Looking to try something new, fulfill a credit, or hone in on an existing skill? Check out some of the electives offered in Art, Business, Family and Consumer Science, Music and Speech for your schedule next year!

Art Courses: Ceramics 1, Ceramics 2, Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Film Studies, Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2, Intro to Art, Painting 1, Painting 2, Photography 1, Photography 2, Sculpture, AP Art History, AP Studio Art 3D Design, AP Studio Art 2D Design, AP Studio Art 2D Drawing

Business Courses: Accounting, AP Computer Science Principles, Business Law, Business Ownership, Computer Science Discoveries 1, Computer Science Discoveries 2, Consumer Management, Intro to Business, Sports and Entertain Marketing, Technology Essentials

Family Consumer Courses: Child Development, Culinary Arts 1, Culinary Arts 2, Gourmet Foods, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Workshop, Human Relations, Nutrition and Fitness, Preschool Child

Music Courses: AP Music Theory, Choir (Adv. Treble, Baritone, Chamber, Concert, Treble), Orchestra (Chamber, Concert), Band (Concert, Concert 2, Concert Percussion, Symphonic, Symphonic Percussion), Guitar 1, Guitar 2

Speech Courses: Acting, Acting and Directing, Forensics, Speech, Speech with Advanced Technology, Theatre