School Consequences for Cyberbullying

In a 2014 study by, an anti-bullying website, 25 percent of teenagers reported that they have experienced multiple bullying attacks via cell phone or the Internet. Many people are cyber-bullied every day.   If a student bullies someone through social media or other cyber means, there are serious consequences to face at Glenbard West. 

Ms. Ruff, one of Glenbard West’s deans, said, “Bullying in any nature will not be tolerated at Glenbard West.” She also stated that, “The [seriousness of the bullying] determines the [school] consequence.”

Ms. Ruff went on to say, “The discipline referral is documented in Powerschool on your personal log. This is on your record but stays confidential in the Dean’s office.”  The consequences from the deans office vary from a detention, to an extended-day detention, to even a restorative intervention assignment.  

Do not cyberbully.  You words make an impact.