The Connection Between Too Much Screen Time, Exercise, and Teens’ Health

Intriguing social media posts and addicting Netflix episodes consume endless hours of high school students’ time. While these activities may bring teenagers temporary joy, they can be detrimental to students health.

A November 2015 report by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit technology organization states, “Teenagers use an average of nine hours of entertainment a day.”

While teenagers opt to engage in electronics use, they are not getting enough exercise each day. Amy Norton, a Healthday reporter, says, “90 percent of U.S. high school students don’t get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy.” Most students spend little to no time exercising because they are distracted by media. If teenagers spend less time on electronics and more time exercising, this rate would decrease significantly.

Exercise significantly impacts your overall health. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention says that exercise will decrease your chance of cardiovascular disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Exercise is important because it helps lower your risk of receiving many harmful, life-changing diseases. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention also states that exercise improves “mood” and “your ability to do daily activities.” Exercise helps all areas of your health and getting the proper amount of exercise each day will result in a happier life.

Academics can also improve when exercising daily. Jennifer Bednarek, a health teacher and athletic trainer at Glenbard West High School, says exercise “is a great way to relieve stress” and “become more focused” in school. She states that kids who get daily exercise tend to accomplish more and be less distracted in the classroom.

The time teenagers spend on social media takes away from the time they can spend exercising. Students need to get off their phones and get active. Currently, technology dominates society and steals focus away from what is important. Making the change and getting more exercise can improve many aspects of teenagers’ health. Exercise can benefit school life, social life, and physical wellness. The overall well being of teenagers will improve by simply spending less time on electronics and more time exercising.

Put the screens down and get up!