Catch up with the Cubs


Last season, the Cubs stopped the longest drought in the history of major league baseball, 108 years. But it is a new season this year and a new team.

With a retirement, a few free agents, and an injury recovery, the lineup is staggeringly different. As grandpa Rossy grew older, he decided to end his career on a World Series win. He has now brought his talents to the dancing world while being featured on Dancing With the Stars. However, he will stay with the team with the roll of Special Assistant to Baseball Operations for the Cubbies.

While the Cubs are a great team, the search for more money and fame has taken a few players away from us including Dexter Fowler, Jason Hammel, and Aroldis Chapman.

Dexter Fowler, the Cubs starting center fielder last year, was traded to the Saint Louis Cardinals. While his offensive power is something the Cubs cannot match with a current player, Albert Almora jr. has taken on the role of center fielder this spring.

Additionally, the Cubs denied a $12 million deal with Jason Hammel and lost him to the Kansas City Royals. While having a 3.83 ERA over the regular season, he was a key player to getting them into the Postseason. Jason Hammel did not get the ball over the entire postseason. The Cubs have a ton of pitching in their bullpen, plenty to make up for this loss.

Finally, their loss of Aroldis Chapman could be the most detrimental. Aroldis, a closer for the Cubs, constantly pitched into triple digits and closed 28 games for the Chicago Cubs last season. However, Hector Rondon is going to take his spot in the upcoming season.

In April of last year, Kyle Schwarber tore his ACL in the outfield putting him out of commission for the majority of the season. He did, however return in the World Series going five for nine with a double, single and two RBI’s. He made a statement playing in only 2 fall games before playing the World Series.

As of April eleventh, The Cubs are 5 and 2. Their defense is solid with only 24 runs over 7 games but on the other hand, they have scored a total of 32 runs. The Cubs have a bright future ahead of them and plenty of time to show what they can do this season.