Advice from a Study Abroad Student

Learn the benefits of studying abroad from a GW alumna.

Imagine, traveling the globe, enriched in a completely new and unique culture while educating yourself with close friends by your side. Let this dream turn into reality!

Traveling abroad is an opportunity that many students take advantage of while studying in high school or college. This experience of a lifetime is an opportunity that intrigues us, but the story is best told by a student in the process of traveling abroad.

Maddie Lupori, a former Glenbard West student and Editor-in-Chief, is off touring countries in Europe with University of Missouri, ‘Mizzou,’ this semester.

When speaking with Maddie about her overall feelings associated with studying abroad, she said, “Travelling abroad is such a multifaceted experience because you get to come in contact with different cultures, styles, languages, food, religions, living conditions, mannerisms, and so much more.”

The experience has expanded from just “school in another country.” You become a new person in the process and open your horizon to differences from your original way of life.

Maddie also explained, “I have grown in personal and professional ways that I never imagined were possible. I’ve learned that I am more confident in myself as an individual.”

Travelling abroad can affect your future in positive ways as well. Internships are possible, and even realizing the location in which you are studying may be the place you would like the pursue your professional career.

Touching on personal growth, Maddie described a struggle she overcame:  “When I was in Greece, at first I was overwhelmed by the Metro system.  I was directing a group of people to our hostel, which was an hour away and directions were in a different language. Being put in this stressful spot and conquering that fear of failure made me realize that I am capable of more than I give myself credit for.”

The education factor is not confined to the classroom. There are many opportunities to learn about yourself and develop many different factors of your personality.

When asked if she had any advice for students pondering the idea of traveling abroad in college, Maddie said, “If you are thinking about it, do it. Being abroad doesn’t disappoint. Having a worldly view is important and will pay off in your future.”

She said it best. Do not be afraid to research and learn about these opportunities at schools you’re considering to attend in years to come.

Travelling abroad is not just about learning in a different country, it is about learning your own strengths and weaknesses, while having a grand time.