Saying Farewell to Ms. Schumann

Near the end of the school year, we would like to recognize the work and achievements of our retiring faculty. These faculty members have dedicated much of their time to helping make Glenbard West the best that it can be.

Ms. Schumann has worked as the Administrative Assistant to the Principal at Glenbard West for 35 years. According to Ms. Schumann, this involves variety, and “days are never the same and always interesting.”

When asked about the most memorable part of working at West, Ms. Schumann replied that it was “seeing firsthand the amazing things our students have accomplished.” In particular, she says, “I will never forget being at Biester for the pep rally in 2012 and 2015 when our football team won State.  Seeing the team ring the victory bell lighted by the Glen Ellyn Fire Department was fantastic.”

Throughout Glenbard West’s history, there have been many changes that have taken place within the school. In Ms. Schumann’s 35 years at West, some of the changes she has witnessed have been the “library moving to what was the ‘girls’ gym,  the field house being added, Memorial Field turf and [the] new science wing.” Throughout these changes, however, according to Ms. Schumann, “the constant is West’s amazing students and staff.”

When asked about a faculty member who has had the greatest impact on her, she said it was Dr. Sue Bridge. She elaborated, “When she was named principal in 1989 I was working with her in the Assistant Principal’s office.  She asked me to come with her to the Principal’s Office.  She taught me how to be a better writer and how to handle difficult situations in this office calmly and with class.  I have worked with five principals and each one has taught me new things to become better at my job.”

Over the years, Ms. Schumann has learned some tricks of the trade in working at Glenbard West. She says that one of the main skills she’s learned is “to be a good proofreader” and “to be a good listener.”

After her retirement begins, Ms. Schumann says she plans to “to travel, enjoy family and walk every day.  Most of all, no 4:30 a.m. alarm!” We thank Ms. Schumann for all her hard work and wish her well in her retirement!