Ready for an Excursion to Indiana Dunes State Park?

Indiana Dunes State Park, only a 73 mile drive from Glen Ellyn, has an abundance of activities to do both within the park’s limits and in nearby Michigan City.

Visitors, many of whom are from Illinois, insist the scenery is remarkable. For many, it is an annual family trip to a nearby sandy paradise. With the rich history that surrounds the park along with the vast knowledge of nature waiting to be tamed, there is an abundance of opportunity for enrichment nearby. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who loves to run or one of the sunbathing types, there is something for you at Indiana Dunes State Park.

Michigan City, the nearest populated city to Indiana Dunes State Park, has a vivid history since it was incorporated in 1836.  It was where the ultra-popular “Pullman Cars” were produced in the 19th and 20th centuries and is home to a historic lighthouse, “The Old Michigan City Light.” As the south shore of Lake Michigan began industrializing, the risk of sand mining and steel factories threatened the pristine sandy lakeshore near Michigan City. Eventually, in 1966 Congress approved the shoreline to become a national park to protect the natural landscape. The surrounding area was made a state park as well. The Indiana Dunes now continue to stay in pristine condition.

There is lots to do in downtown Michigan City. If you want to be astonished by a famous landmark,  tours of the “Old Michigan City Light” are available for a small admission ($2 for kids, $5 for adults). Also, Michigan City is home to many quality restaurants that are not overly expensive such as El Cajete Mexican Kitchen.

The Indiana Dunes State Park offers a variety of popular activities visitors can take advantage of. Many people looking to relax and get a tan, swim, and relax on the white sandy beaches on Lake Michigan. For the more fit, biking, hiking, and horseback riding provide visitors with capturing scenery and exhilarating overall experiences. Fishing and boating are also allowed within the park’s boundaries if that floats your boat. With so much to do in Indiana Dunes State Park, you will have trouble for staying less than a full day.

If you are interested in staying overnight, campgrounds are located in the park and provide visitors with the essentials for campers such as water and bathroom facilities. The grounds, open from April 1st to October 31st, cost about $18 per night and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Food and other supplies can be purchased at the nearby Camp Stop General Store and Beach Stop.

When traveling from Glenbard West, it only takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to drive to Indiana Dunes State Park without any traffic. The trip will only cost you about ten dollars in gas. The South Shore Railroad can also be utilized for travel to Michigan City from downtown Chicago. The commute to the Northwest Indiana area is not bad at all.

If you find an opportunity to travel to Indiana Dunes State Park and Michigan City, you should definitely consider making the trip. With great physical activities and a rich history to explore, a lot can be gained from a trip to the area. Make arrangements to go with a friend or family. Indiana Dunes State Park and Michigan City have a ton to offer if you give them a look! Think about traveling there during your free time over the summer or during another convenient time.

If you have any questions about trips to Indiana Dunes State Park, feel free to contact me at [email protected]! I am always eager to help people with their travel plans.