The Future of Feminist Films


Romantic movies are a timeless genre of film that have captivated audiences for generations. From classics like Grease and Clueless to modern motion pictures like La La Land and Train Wreck, viewers continue to watch these passion-filled shows.

Unfortunately, this genre has not always paid proper tribute to the individual worth of the female characters. You may not have even noticed it was happening, but producers have managed to turn this sexist depiction of women around.

La La Land, which was released in 2016, is a perfect example of this. The movie portrays the main character, Mia, as a hardworking aspiring actress, who ultimately chooses her personal dreams over the love of her life, Sebastian. Though it’s heart-wrenching to watch Mia’s relationship with Sebastian fall apart, it was simultaneously empowering for female viewers to see a woman value her career more than her love-interest.

This pro-feminist illustration of female characters hasn’t always been as prevalent. Back in 1978, when Grease was brought to theaters, filmmakers created the main character Sandy to be a girl who, in a sense,  gave up her innocence to be accepted by her crush, Danny. And she only receives acceptance after she abandons her morals and dresses provocatively. This idea of conforming to masculine desires is one that was common in older movies. Luckily, however, modern films have rid themselves of these old-fashioned plotlines and given female characters the respect they deserve.

Train Wreck, for instance, features an independent career-driven woman who has a lot more on her mind than settling down. Amy Schumer, who acts as the female-lead and wrote the movie, was insistent in incorporating many aspects of the “modern-woman” into the film. Though there are still movies that continue to objectify women, filmmakers and writers like Amy Schumer are taking strides in the right direction. There are hundreds of pro-feminist romantic movies available at the click of your remote, so the next time you settle in with a bowl of popcorn and a rom-com, be wary of characters similar to Sandy.