Will the Seniors or Juniors be Crowned Powder Puff Champions?


A 2016 Powderpuff Junior team poses for a group picture at last year’s event

It’s that time of the year again! Powder Puff is back at Glenbard West. If you’re a junior or senior girl looking for a unique and exciting way to get outside and hang out with your friends, then Powder Puff is perfect for you.

Powder Puff is an all-girls flag football tournament. The juniors and seniors are divided into teams and the two grades compete for the title of Powder Puff Champions.

The official date of the tournament is Monday, October 9th. It will start at Newton Park and finish with the semifinals and finals at Memorial Field on October 16th. Junior and senior Hitters will be coaching and reffing the event to help out and ensure things run smoothly.

There is a small fee to participate in Powder Puff that covers team jerseys, field space, and snacks.  No experience is necessary to participate in Powder Puff, and all are welcome to get out there and have a great time. If you’re unsure whether your football skills are up to par, do not be discouraged! There will be a losers bracket to ensure that everyone participates and has a positive experience.  Powder Puff is highly-rated by its participants and is a fantastic Homecoming tradition for countless high schools, so make sure you come out and cheer on the teams!

If you are planning on participating in Powder Puff, there are a few rules that you will need to know prior to your participation to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time!

The Powderpuff rules are as follows:

  • Games will be played in two 20 minute halves with a running clock.
  • No tackling, hitting, pushing, pounding, or other physical contacts.
  • No tucking of flags into any clothing or rolling flags around bands.
  • Flags and their respective band must be worn above the hip bones on the outside of the jersey.
  • When a player pulls off a flag from the opposing team, the player must immediately stop in their place and hold the flag up high in the air for referees to see.  Once the referee or line judge marks your spot, return the flag to the opposing player.
  • Coaches will be allowed to call two time-outs per half, each time-out lasting no longer than 1 minute.
  • Referees will make ALL calls and players will not argue with the referees.
  • The ball is considered dead when:
    • It goes out of bounds
    • A player steps out of bounds
    • The ball touches the ground
    • S player carrying the ball falls to the ground
    • Flag is pulled off player holding the ball
  • Touchdowns will count for 6 points.
  • Field goals count for 1 point.
  • Each game will begin with a coin toss, where the winner may choose to either kick or receive.
  • A team remains on offense as long as they can move the ball 10 yards for a first down before reaching the 4th down.
  • On a fourth down, the offensive team must indicate whether they intend to punt or go for it.
  • There can only be 11 players on the field at a time per team.
    • If a team has too many by the time a play starts,it will result in a five yard penalty.
  • You may NOT hold on to the ball carrier’s body or clothing in attempt to grab their flag – doing so MAY result in a penalty.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated and will result in in-game consequences or eventual forfeit.
  • Teams will have 30 seconds to start a play – failure to do so is a delay in game and results in a five yard penalty.
  • Tackling will result in a 15 yd penalty, and excessive tackling by a player or team will result in disqualification of the team member or entire team.
  • Runners can not hold onto their flags while running in attempt to keep them from falling off.

*All rules must be followed at all times during the tournament.  Failure to do so will result in consequences for you and your team.  Rules are put in place for the fun and safety of all players so please respect and follow them.*

Powder Puff rules, jersey designs, and information are courtesy of Junior Liaison and Powder Puff coordinator Maggie Pasterz.

    • Jersey design for Juniors
Jersey design for Juniors


Coach shirt design
Champions shirt design: (Free prize for winning)
Junior girls and their coaches at 2016 Powderpuff
Junior players competing at 2016 games
From left to right: Kasia Kostelic, Nicole Mattson, Geraldine Kelderhouse, Grace Yangas