Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil in Live-Action Remake

Emma Stone has risen to fame in recent films such as La La Land, The Help, and The Amazing Spider-Man. Now she has been chosen to depict the notorious Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians, renamed Cruella, and many people see this as an obvious fit. Let us break down why Stone is the perfect choice.

Emma Stone has been hand-picked for this role because of her “unparalleled similarities in appearance between her and her villainous counterpart” stated Olivia Stefan from U-interview, a website full of the inside scoop on upcoming entertainment. Emma also resembles Glenn Close, an American actress who originally played De Vil in the first live interpretation of the popular animated movie. Many are excited and interested to see.  Stone has played a dark, angry daughter in Birdman, which allowed audiences to witness her antagonistic side, resulting in even more suspense of how she will embody Cruella.

Although Emma has portrayed innocent characters in her career,  her versatility ultimately landed her this job since she has had so much success as different characters in the past. For example, Stone has depicted a working actress in La La Land, a gullible teen in Easy A, and a southern society girl who dream about becoming a writer in The Help in the last 10 years. This year she is portraying Billie Jean King, a famous tennis player, in Battle of the Sexes. Her experience embodying all characters is endless.  

Many Disney fanatics are thrilled to see a another live movie come to life so soon after The Jungle Book 2 and Tim Burton’s Dumbo have been announced to premiere in the near future. 

Little information and inside scoop has been revealed about the remake, just the release date being announced as some time in 2018 and the plot being focused around Cruella’s evil exploits. The overall story line and adaption has yet to be disclosed. Other leading actors that are in the film include Sonoya Mizuno and Jonah Hill. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for more information about Emma Stone’s upcoming endeavour.