Finding the Club for You

As a student walks through the hallways of Glenbard West, on average he/she will pass about 41 different advertisements promoting a club West provides. With nearly 70 clubs, finding the one for you can be more than overwhelming as one of the biggest mission statements at the school is to “Get Involved!” So why exactly is getting involved so important for students?

According to Christopher Mitchell, Assistant Principal for Student Services, many studies show that students who are involved in extracurricular activities are more likely to succeed in school and simply enjoy school more. Having something to do outside of the classroom gives students a stronger drive and sense of fulfillment. These are just some of the many benefits to participating at West.

One of the biggest benefits to joining a club is the opportunity to make a new group of friends with similar interests to you.

After meeting with various club presidents, Nick Flores, president of both FIFA Club and G.L.O Club, states “the relationships I’ve made with people in both of these clubs over the past few years have been influential on my personality in a positive way, the bonds created are irreplaceable”.

There’s something at West for everybody, and when brought into a community of shared interest, a student is submersed and welcomed to an atmosphere of both fun and connectivity between others, normally leading to many new friendships.

With over 60 clubs, it can seem a bit overwhelming to find a club that fits your interests, but odds are you will find a club, as over 70% of Glenbard West students have.

Mr. Mitchell says, “With this many opportunities to get involved, you almost have to try to not be involved.”

So, how can students begin the search for a club? A safe bet would be either talking to a teacher who is involved with a club, or asking a guidance counselor. From there, going to a couple of clubs’ meetings can show you whether or not the club is a good fit. You might even find yourself getting involved in things you thought you’d never like.

Madeline Motz, Vice President of the Ultimate Frisbee club, agrees with this statement encouraging students to “broaden [their] horizons, take the first step to try out a club, and who knows, it could be one of your favorite things.”

The majority of the clubs at West, including Ultimate Frisbee, G.L.O, and FIFA Club, don’t have any requirements for new members, which make them a great opportunity for students who want to try something out without having to make too much of a commitment.

However, there are some clubs at West which do have requirements, such as NHS and SHS, which are more for students who have academic accomplishments at West, and are formally invited to join. As well as competitive clubs, such as student council, in which students must run against each other for a spot on the board. The variety of clubs to join prove the fact that there is a right fit for everyone, whether it’s open entry or competitive.

Take initiative, explore all that Glenbard West has to offer, and get involved in a club or sport.

Mr. Sanchez, sponsor of SHS, perfectly states, “You’re gonna spend 4 years here, find something to enjoy, so that you can look back on the experience with no regrets, and no “what if” statements.”

As said before, there’s something for everyone here, the only thing stopping someone from finding it is not trying.