‘Footloose’ the Musical Prepares for Opening Night During Tech Week


The Footloose assemble practices during Tech Week.

This November, Glenbard West Theatre is performing the hit musical Footloose. All the preparation built up for the show leads to tech week: the countdown to live production in front of the Glen Ellyn community.  Let’s learn about what this week entails and why it is so special.

First, the real question is: what is tech week? Tech week is the last week before the performance of the show. The cast runs through the musical with full hair and makeup, from start to finish, as if this run-through is the real event. Also, lights and props are included in this week of rehearsals.

Maggie Pasterz, a junior who plays Ethel McCormack (the main character’s mother), says,“It gives the cast and crew a feel for what exactly is going to go down in the performance.” 

This week of finalization is quite a whirlwind for the cast and crew. Anna Huibregtse, junior and another student performing in Footloose, describes tech week as “very stressful because it is crunch time, and the work is long and hard.”

Julia Norvid, a junior cast member, added, “It is so fun to see everyone’s work turn into something beautiful after months.”

Brennan Dougherty, junior and a student playing one of the leading roles in the musical, Chuck Cranston, explained that the “typical seven-hour school day turns into a fourteen-hour long haul.” The actors during this week also receive notes from director Mr. Fox on how to improve before show time, Brennan included.  

One of the most interesting things about tech week is the fun traditions that the theatre family participates in. Many students mentioned they enjoy “meatball night,” which is a dinner with the whole cast and crew, typically the night before the Wednesday performance.  

Also, Brennan Dougherty specifically mentioned that some other traditions are “zombie tag, prayer circle, and cast parties after every show.” 

Jared Titus, choreographer, explained that Footloose is a huge dance show and no matter what kind of background the students have in dance, they have all jumped in with no fear and are rising to the occasion in this show.

Specifically, Jared Titus states, “It has been creatively fun for me as the show involves many different styles of dance. We have country western line dancing, classic jazz elements, 80s vernacular, even a nod to solid gold dancers meets 80’s exercise videos.”

Footloose will be performed the first week in November, the 2nd through the 4th, at 7:30 p.m. in the Glenbard West auditorium. Jared Titus ensures “the energy on stage is undeniable and I guarantee the audience is going to be tapping their toes in the seats.”

Come on out and support Glenbard West Theatre and their hard work!