Students for the Protection of Animals (SFPA) Helps Local Animals, Grows Club’s Influence


If you have ever watched any show on The Animal Planet, you would know of the animals around the world that are abused, whether that be in the house of their owners or in the cages of their shelter. The shows and commercials always ask for help. Luckily for those animals, there is a group of Glenbard West students that are working to provide help to make that change. Students for the Protection of Animals is a home for many Glenbard West students and the hope of animals.

Mr. Broccolo, social studies teacher, explains students “Sarah To and Abbey Hall asked [him] if [he] could be the sponsor of the club…they wanted to bring it back.” Mr. Broccolo shared that the club meets every other week, usually at 7:10 a.m. in room 200 on Thursdays.

Senior and board member Angela Salonga shared they brought the club back because they “really liked the club and it was really fun. So [they] wanted to bring it back up and get people more involved with animals.”

The club’s main goal is to inform people about animals. Angela Salonga wants people to better understand what is happening in the world of animals and try to encourage many to be more involved. Mr. Broccolo said, “We are involved in animal welfare activities and that kind of thing, having students get more involved in activities dealing with animals.”

Co-President Sarah To wants the club to have “a lot more activities and learning about animals” than the previous animal clubs.

Although the club is young, it has already had a positive impact on the animal world. A few weeks ago, the group became involved in a DuPage County animal activity, but they did not stop there. They have gone farther, with fundraisers for organizations such as Almost Home Foundation, an animal adoption group, as explained by senior Sarah To. They have also volunteered at ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to help animals escape cruel environments. Board members, presidents, and sponsors alike are working to expand the club and grow its influence.

If you love animals and the silly things they do, if they brighten your bad days, and you can’t ignore their cute faces begging for your food at dinnertime, then Glenbard West has the club for you!

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