5 Life-Changing Lessons from Your Favorite Netflix Shows

I think nearly everyone would agree that our generation is obsessed with the many shows that Netflix has to offer. Whether your personal preference is romance, comedy, drama, or anything in between, Netflix is a hub of hundreds of series available at the click of a button. What many of us may not have realized, though, is that these binge-worthy shows are subconsciously incorporating valuable life lessons into their plots.

  1. Remain Loyal No Matter What: One of the most popular Netflix hits, The Office, is a ‘mockumentary’ that follows a group of coworkers at a paper company, who often find themselves in particularly strange scenarios. Through these 9 seasons, audiences grow to love the characters and even begin to learn from their strong personalities. Dwight Schrute, a particularly unusual man, teaches viewers about the great importance of loyalty. Schrute’s devotion to his boss and friend, Michael Scott, is a quality of Schrute’s that fans cannot help but grasp.
  2. Always Keep Fighting: Grey’s Anatomy, a television series beloved by millions, teaches critical lessons of perseverance through the stories of doctors at a hospital. These doctors face endless obstacles – from patient deaths to family losses and even personal failures. Meredith Grey, who loses both her mother and husband, continues to raise her children while pursuing her successful career. Though the situation is evidently dramatized for television purposes, fans are able to learn from her ability to cope and keep fighting, no matter what troubles she has to overcome.
  3. Make Time For Yourself: Donna and Tom, two of the main characters on Parks and Recreation, are perfect examples of making time for yourself. They work inside of a political building all day, but once a year, take a day to “treat themselves.” On this day, they spend ridiculous sums of money on anything they desire as a reward for the hard work they’ve done throughout the year. Fans of Parks and Recreation, too, are deserving of a break, so take a page out of Donna and Tom’s book and “Treat Yo Self!”
  4. Having a Good Support System is Essential: It goes without saying that the six main characters on Friends are some of the closest-knit people in television history. This group of misfits have each other’s backs for 10 full seasons. In most other television shows, friend groups change and grow apart. Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe, however, show their audiences that the best friends will be there for you through thick and thin. This kind of unfaltering support is essential to have throughout your life, wherever you end up.
  5. Take Risks and Live Life to The Fullest: In the wise words of Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls, “People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute.” Without ever taking leaps of faith, you could be missing out on life-changing experiences. As Huntzberger so eloquently puts, some people will go their entire lives without truly living life to the fullest. Gilmore Girls, a personal favorite show of mine, finds the perfect intersection of comedy and drama while teaching its viewers the value of spontaneity.