‘Footloose’ Wows Audiences for Three Great Nights

West students put on a stunning performance for this year’s fall musical.


This year, the Glenbard West Theatre served up a great musical. The Theatre program adapted the hit 1984 film, Footloose, and the excitement was wild. Tech Week came and went, and the school hosted an amazing play that all were hyped to attend.

Footloose is a movie musical with a score that has been both nominated for an Oscar and a Tony award, and has had several songs reach the Billboard charts.  To summarize, Footloose is the story of a boy named Ren (played by senior Cameron Young) and his mother Ethel (played by junior Maggie Pasterz) moving from the wonderful city of Chicago to a small town in Texas called Bomont, which is centered completely on farming. However, this town is not like any other.

With many changes to his life, Ren adjusts to this new town.  This town has many bans, the biggest being a ban on dancing, after an accident that shakes the town to its core. Ren, with the help of Ariel (played by junior Katie Laird), the rebellious daughter of Reverend Moore (played by sophomore Robbie Matthew), rally for dancing at their high school prom and aim to shake up and change this little town. 

Noor Ansari, junior, who helped with many aspects of the show, wanted to give credit to “everyone in Tech for working so hard, for such long hours every day, and everyone in business for dealing with the funds and marketing of the show, and all of the actors for putting on such a good show, and being determined.” 

Congrats to all who were a part of Footloose! The show was amazing. Keep an eye out for the winter drama, The Miracle Worker, and the spring comedy, Almost Maine, and support the Glenbard West Theatre! Go West!