Best Holiday Gifts 2017!

With this year’s holiday season on our heels, shopping for that special someone and family members can be stressful. How does one please so many personalities? If the holiday craze is affecting you, look no further, for I will narrow down the best gifts for you and your loved ones this 2017.

While researching and aimlessly attempting to locate the best of the best presents, I stumbled across and their extensive must-have holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list. Out of the 170+ options they listed, I am choosing to mention what I believe are their best choices and proposals, and will delve into their best qualities on my top ten list. Now, without further adieu, the ultimate holiday gift guide for you this December:

  1. My first gift is for the music enthusiast: the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Super Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. The name says it all. All water activites can now be kicked up a notch with nonstop jams. Selling for $100, this speaker can enhance a calm shower and the most epic pool party. Available for sale online from Amazon and in stores such as Best Buy, this is a steal you can not
  2. Next, for the friend with the flawless kitchen, look no further than the Smeg Kettle, selling for $130 on This sophisticated and trendy home appliance has the best product quality, technology, and design. Due to the aesthetics, you’ll even think your tea tastes
  3. Moving on to the smart-home obsessed, a sure winner is the Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation). Only $30, this gift is perfect for your friends who are familiar with Amazon’s previous “Alexa,” now adding to their virtual assistants around the home. This incredibly smart and compact gadget can call a friend, play music, order food, and so much more.
  4. For the professional photographer, a great buy would be the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V Camera. This easy to use and beautifully crafted masterpiece is portable and fast, while capturing high quality images that the family will “ooh and ahh” over at the next get together. Despite it’s hefty price tag of $1,000, it is the best that money can buy!
  5. Another cool appliance that is a must have for the one who loses everything, is the Tile Pro: a $35 slim, stylish, waterproof tracking device whose job is to help you keep tabs on anything and everything that frequently goes missing. An additional bonus is that this snazzy tool is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, so feel free to get your smart home obsessed family member this Tile pro and already two are crossed off your shopping
  6. For the Cali girl at heart or your personal style icon, look no further than the Beachwaver Curling Iron from Beachwaver Pro. Up for sale at around $130, this mechanism creates the most perfect beach waves that are laid back while professional. Speaking of professional, this is the iron that the best of the best use behind the scenes at the Victoria Secrets Fashion
  7. Switching on over to the younger audience, when searching for the dancing tot, take a look at the Fisher-Price BeatBowWow Interactive Learning Toy. At just $30 this fun, easy to function and easy to afford pup teaches kids with educational music while intertwining different colors and facial movements to entice all toddlers looking for a good time, and parents looking for a quick
  8. Shifting gears once again to the clothing side of this Holiday shopping extravaganza, while fishing around for the cozy connoisseur, test out the Patagonia Better Sweater Zip Pullover that costs around $99. This new Patagonia item is the perfect gift for that someone who deserves something warm and inviting this Christmas and into the cold new year. It is lined with fleece, so all outdoor winter activities are approved and encouraged in this cute
  9. Costing only around $10, I could not leave out an option for the poetry lover: The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur. After Kaur’s first work, Milk and Honey, took over Instagram, this second book full of words of wisdom has been sent into the world right before shopping season and is calling you
  10. For my last gift idea, I had to mention the iPhone X, for the iPhone-obsessed. This $1,000 latest Apple product is super sleek and functions with the highest intelligence in the technology world at this moment in time. From the face sensor to the single-swipe feature that takes the user to and from the home screen, this expensive purchase is a must have for it contributes to all aspects of a modern users life. Plus, whoever gets this for the holidays will spend hours exploring the emoji animation feature.

Overall, the holiday season is a time for celebration and family, not for stress and scurrying. I hope this review of some top notch gifts helps to narrow down your search this holiday season and helps please the special people in your life.