Preview into Black Box 2018


Julia Lane

Kate Nalon and Matt Hoerster (above) are cast members in the Black Box production of That’s so 80s, which opens on Jan. 24.

A popular set of shows the student body has the opportunity to come and enjoy in the winter is a duo of plays known as Black Box. I’m here to lay the groundwork for these highly anticipated performances displayed in the upcoming year of 2018. Let’s see what the contributing members of Black Box have to offer.

First, allow me to describe what Black Box is and the set up behind these shows. Black Box is a student-written, student-directed, and student-performed group of plays ranging in genre from dramas to comedies and even to musicals. Each show is performed in the room known as “the Black Box,” home to Intro to Theater classes and the theater improv group (TOG) performances. This environment allows for a certain amount of intimacy to be shared between the audience and the cast members themselves.

In this room, you experience the play performed right in front of your eyes: lights shining, students acting, and crowds applauding for the excellent work displayed.

This year, Black Box contributors are preparing two shows for the student body: That’s so 80s and Dear Everyone. That’s so 80s is a musical about an unlikely romance between two people from two seemingly different worlds. The show was written by Grace Centeno and Grace Bouton and is directed by Anna Huibregtse and Lily Shorney. Cast members for That’s So 80s include Matt Hoerster, Kate Nalon, Grady McDonnell, Jackson Rench, Julia Lane, Molly Stutelberg, Griffin Murphy, and Mia Corrado.

The second performance for this year’s upcoming Black Box is titled Dear Everyone. Dear Everyone is a drama about a girl who committed suicide and the story is told by her best friend. Kelly Maganini wrote the play and  both Kyle Drexler and Josh Reifel are the directors. The cast for Dear Everyone is made up of four students: Grace Metcalf, Brennan Cairns, Emma Razcka, and Ellie Tolman.

These shows are fast approaching and will be performed Wednesday through Friday on January 24th through the 26th.
You definitely do not want to miss what these writers, directors, and performers have to offer!