February Senior Spotlight


Seniors Cameron Kruse, Sammy Harris, and Ellie Sear (left to right)

Abby Hoffman , Columnist

This month’s Senior Spotlight features not one, but two, varsity girl basketball seniors. Let’s hear what Ellie Sear and Cameron Kruse have to say about their last season, as well as their time at West.

Abby: Congrats on an amazing season so far! 23-4 is an impressive season record. What do you attribute to your team success?

Cameron: I believe that the captains–Ellie, Sammy, and I– all bring a strong sense of leadership which helps our team when we have doubts. To be completely honest, however, those moments of doubt are very rare because the way our team brings each other up every game is extraordinary and something that I have never experienced before.

Ellie: I truly believe our success this year stems from our team chemistry. Never in my life have I been on a team as close as this one. On the court, we all play for each other, and off the court, we are just as close. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, how to push each other, and how to lift each other up.

Abby: How long have you been playing basketball and what position do you play at West?

Cameron: I have been playing basketball for about 12 years and I am a shooting guard for West.

Ellie: This season I am a forward.

Abby: Do you have any game day superstitions?

Cameron: Our team as a whole is extremely superstitious. Everyone has their little thing they must do before a game. I have a specific song that I have to listen to before a game. We also all have to sit in the same exact seats on the way to an away game.

Ellie: I wear the same pair of socks every game and wear one of two headbands, depending on if we are playing at home or away.

Abby: Do you have a longstanding rival in basketball and were you able to beat them this season?

Cameron: Our longstanding rival in basketball is York. We have played them three times this year and have beaten them all three times, which is the best feeling ever. A lot of us have been playing these girls since fourth grade, so it was great to beat them all three times.

Ellie: Definitely York! Beating them all three times this season feels extra sweet considering they knocked us out of the playoffs last year.

Abby: What is it that each of you enjoy the most about being part of this team?

Cameron: The thing that I most enjoy about being part of this team, aside from being successful, is getting to know all of my teammates and hanging out with them at pasta parties or my house. It’s been such a blast!

Ellie: The thing I enjoy the most is being with my teammates for countless hours a week. Once again, our team feels different this year. We have molded into a family; each of us are attached by the hip. The fifteen of us, three coaches and twelve players, act as one unit. Being on a team as close as this one is something that I will cherish forever.

Abby: Do you have any advice that you could give to younger girls who would like to play basketball at West?

Cameron: The advice I would give to younger girls is to get involved as soon as possible! Come to the open gyms and workouts before the season starts and get to know people who are already part of the program.

Ellie: The best advice I would give is not to give up! So many people love the sport, but tend to drop it to participate in other activities. I am so happy with my decision to play all four years because it has brought me new friendships, taught me life skills greater than basketball, and allowed me to be on a close-knit team.

Abby: What other activities are you involved in?

Cameron: I’m also involved in Fashion Club, French Honors Society, MAWI Leadership, and I am the President of French Club. I will also start to do shadowing programs at a physical therapy company once the season is over.

Ellie: I am involved in many clubs here at West. I am the President of Global Connect, Co-Special Events chairman for Student Council, and Vice President of Interact Club. I am also involved in Target Success, Young Life, and National Honors Society. I love getting involved in the many activities we have to offer!

Abby: Have you made a college decision yet?

Cameron: I have not made a college decision yet, but I’m looking into the University of South Carolina, NYU, UNC, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Southern California. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon!

Ellie: I have not made my college decision yet, but I hope to make one soon! A couple of my favorites are Depauw, Butler, and Elon, and I plan on majoring in elementary education.

Abby: What’s your favorite memory at West?

Cameron: My favorite memory at West has definitely been this basketball season as a whole. I haven’t had this much fun doing something at West.

Ellie: It’s hard to choose just one! One of my favorites is being held in the air by the cheerleaders at a home football game to lead the “go bananas” song dressed in a banana suit.


Good luck to Ellie and Cam as they finish their season off strong. Unfortunately, Sammy Harris, the third and final senior on the team, was not available for an interview, but we’ll be wishing her the best of luck as well. We’ll be cheering for you guys!