The Impact of Live Life Well Week’s Chris Herren


Former NBA star Chris Herren visited West on Wednesday, February 21 to talk about drug and alcohol addiction as a part of West’s annual Live Life Well Week. His speech was primarily based upon his own personal stories and experiences, sharing his mistakes and misfortunes throughout his high school years and his basketball career.

Herren’s talk was influential for many students, including Jack Phillipson, one of two students who volunteered to rise and share their story in front of Herren and the school. After hearing Herren’s response, Jack states that it “reminded me to have confidence in myself and reminded me of the strength I have to push through situations like this.”

Chris Herren had his first drink at the age of 14, merely messing around with his friend behind his garage. Little did he know it would spark a 14-year addiction and ruin his basketball career for good.

The activist’s association with basketball is not over yet, as it remains an important aspect of his drug and addiction speeches. In Herren’s talks, he travels from high school to high school, addressing students in hopes they don’t make the same mistakes he once did.

Chris Herren has since made a miraculous recovery from his years of addiction, and is now actively seeking to ensure the safety of students through his own non-profit group called The Herren Project. This association assists families who are struggling with addiction and promotes the importance a healthy lifestyle for teens, according to