Faculty vs. Seniors Basketball Game


Photo courtesy of Johnathon Tews

Johnathon Tews, Contributing Reporter

Every year, Student Council puts on a basketball game between some of Glenbard West’s faculty and some senior students who are willing to face them. This year was no different as dozens of seniors signed up and eager to face off against their teachers and administrators.

In the pre-game, Jack Malec, coach of the seniors, when asked about the game replied, “I’m pretty confident, I think we have it.” He continued to share the strength of his team, claiming, “There is no a player on the senior team who can’t score.” While Malec and the students felt they had the game won before tip-off, the faculty had much of the same confidence. Chris Mitchell, an assistant principal and faculty player shared, “The faculty have had good showings for the last four, five years.” He also shared that he was not afraid of the Varsity Hilltoppers they were up against, as the team have played together for a number of years and have developed some chemistry.

The game began like any other, a jump ball at half court. Shortly after play began, the seniors’ Dre Thomas opened the scoring. Throughout most of the first quarter, the seniors were leading; however, in the closing minute of the quarter, social studies teacher Robert Sanders hit a three point shot. This sprung the teachers ahead 13-9 after six minutes of play. As the second quarter was played, the seniors found a way to close the gap, as 21-20, faculty on top, was the halftime score. After a brief halftime, play resumed. The faculty, powered by new players, widened the lead to 5 at the end of the third. It remained this way for must of the forth, until the final minute. The seniors closed the gap and got the play with 16.5 seconds remaining. However, despite four shot attempts, they were unable to score, leading to a 41 to 40 faculty victory.