Lights, Camera, Action! Glenbard West’s Show Line Up


This past school year, the Glenbard West Theatre Club won a $10,000 R.I.S.E. America grant from NBC. Thanks to this grant, spectacular lighting, a booming sound system, and brand new microphones will be introduced to our school’s Theatre Club. We are excited to announce the lineup for this upcoming school year: the classic musical Guys and Dolls in the fall, the award-winning comedy The Frogs coming in the winter, and the heart-warming show, Still Life With Iris, set to perform in the spring.  Directors Mr. Fox and Mr. Moran encourage students to join the fun, whether on the stage or behind the scenes.  

The first show to hit the stage this fall is the well-known show Guys and Dolls. This musical transports you back to New York City in the 1950s, with diverse characters such as the young con-man named Nathan Detroit, who tries to find a venue to host his dice game because of trouble with money and the police. Then comes Sky Masterson, a well-known gambler who is not afraid of any bet. Nathan soon realizes this and offers Sky a bet. Nathan bets that Sky can’t take the “Doll” Nathan selects to Havana on a date. Sky Masterson takes on this bet and finds out he made a decision that will impact his life. This show has many roles and offers great opportunities for involvement behind the scenes.

The winter play, The Frogs, takes the audience on a story about the Greek god, Dionysus, and his fellow Greek gods. Dionysus is crafting a play with his friend Xanthias and soon realizes that there are no more talented, poetic and thoughtful writers around. He sets off on a quest to find Hades, hoping that he can bring back the intelligent writer, Euripides. Dionysus soon finds himself on a journey that may be more than he expected, finding new quirky characters and challenges along the way. Mr. Fox, Mr. Moran, and the entire Theatre Club is ecstatic to return to Theatre and direct this amazing show

The final show of this season is Still Life With Iris. Iris, a young girl, and her mother live on the mystical island of Nocturno, where they create the things we see in the world at day by night. All memories on the island are kept in their coats. Iris is invited to another island, but if she goes, her coat with all of her memories will be taken away. Iris is only given a button full of memories now and she, along with her new adventure partners, go back to Nocturno and try to connect all the dots from her life. This show will bring out the kid in all of us.

Want to be in one of Theatre Club’s shows? You do not need any experience to join West Theatre. Workshops are held throughout the year to teach you skills such as how to use woodworking tools to lights and sound. There is a role for everyone to play on and off stage. Two shows in the school year are part of the Black Box play festival. They are student-written and directed. Anyone can submit a script this fall so get writing! We hope to see everyone audition, so break a leg!