Be Involved: Fall Favorites of West Students

Glenbard West is a second-home and hub of traditions for students, teachers, staff members. Special events and annual festivities can be seen happening all around the school week after week. To gain both excitement and recognition for some of the notable happenings this fall, I sat down and discussed some of the most popular events at West during the fall with some avidly involved students.

After the few first days, students had mixed reviews. Lauren McGrath, sophomore, said her “few first days have been good” along with Jaclyn Dougherty, sophomore, who said that they “have been great.” Other individuals, such as Kenna Royce, sophomore, stated that they have been “[g]ood, surprisingly stressful, kind of a lot of homework” and similarly, Lauren Alcock, sophomore, expressed the start of school has been “filled with pretests.”

Besides the range of emotions regarding the introduction to another school year, these students had a lot to say about the fall festivities. When asked about their top picks from last year, Izzy Williams said “probably Circle Drive [Dance] because you see so many friends and it’s a good time.”

Kenna Royce and Sydney Melms, sophomore, agreed, while Lauren Alcock and Bridget McBride, sophomore, expressed their interests in tennis. McBride stated “Tennis was my favorite fall activity because I enjoyed improving every day.” Along with this group, Evelyn Erickson, sophomore, said Field Hockey was her favorite fall activity because “it’s so enjoyable to play.”

Each school year brings its new excitements and involvements. When asked about this year, Izzy Williams said she is “looking forward to the swim season, there’s lots of good new freshmen and experienced seniors and everyone is so close already!”

Kenna Royce said she is psyched for Homecoming, while Lauren Alcock said she is thrilled to be in indoor track again this year. Jaclyn Dougherty shared that she is looking forward to going back to Best Buddies because “there are new buddies I am so excited to meet.”

Of course, clubs, sports, and extracurriculars allow students to join anywhere from freshman to senior year. Kenna Royce stated she aspires to “do FCCLA and Best Buddies this year,” while Bridget McBride told how she is “looking forward to trying a new sport: track.” Additionally, Sydney Melms said that “since I couldn’t do gymnastics last year, I am going to do it this year.” It is never too late to join a new club or get involved in a different event here at West!

Overall, the fall and “back-to-school” season offers a diverse arrangement of activities to pursue. Whether it be athletics, music, art, social gatherings, or any other involvement, the Glenbard West community has something in store for everyone. Be on the lookout for signs and posters for new club meetings throughout the hall and make sure to get involved by going to a West event this new school year!