Fall Activites: Glenbard West’s Annual Choral Concert


Concert choir performing at the First United Methodist Church of Glen Ellyn.

Glenbard West’s five choirs hit the stage once again this past Thursday  bringing an amazing performance at the annual fall concert at the First United Methodist Church of Glen Ellyn. The different selections throughout the concert were in many languages from English to Latin to even the African language of IsiZulu. The choir director, Mr. Jeffery, made sure to create a broad platform reaching out to many creating an inclusive experience to all.

With the assistance of accompanist Mrs. Ortega, Mr. Jeffrey let the audience forget about their stressful lives and enjoy their night by listening to music sung by very talented students. One song entitled “Anima Mea” left some audience members “with chills” after the students sang it from different sides of the church, echoing their voices and generating a beautiful sound. Mr. Jeffrey has tradition where he predicts how long the concert is going to be. He guessed it perfectly by saying it would be 57 minutes, which it was.

Many students praise the choral department at Glenbard West High School with great pride. Lizzie Mowry, senior in the chamber choir, expresses how she enjoys making “real connections with the people within it.” Sophomore baritone choir member, Charlie Musser, agrees saying, “The bonds [he created] will last for many years.” Students in the choirs love coming together every day and take a minute from their hectic high school lives and grow their passion for music.

Mr. Jeffrey believes that choir is an unique class to take because his students “cover all subjects at once” through singing. Along with that he says that choir is something students do “collectivity and they could not do it without each other” creating a family. Glenbard West students are encouraged to participate in choir because  Mr. Jeffrey says “it engages your whole person,” something that only certain classes at West can bring.

If you missed out on this spectacular performance, do not fret because on Wednesday, November 28, the Glenbard West Music Department will be performing their Winter Music Festival.