Conquering Finals: Tips to Ace the Tests & Finish this Semester Strong!

Finals. The dreaded week where students have to crack open the first week’s lessons and review practically all that was learned for the past four months. Scary at first, yes, however finals week is quite manageable if you can balance your time and energy and strategize on how to survive the last week before winter break. Here are some tips that can save you from last-minute stressing and allow you to end the semester strong.

  1. Plan before you study: Before you even crack open the textbook, think about creating a study plan. For this plan, list out all the chapters/units and lessons from each subject class you are taking this semester. List the steps you will do to study for each class, the portions of material you will review, and the specific page numbers/topics.
  2. Prioritize classes: If you are borderline between an A or B in one class and have a strong A in another, choose the former. Knowing to prioritize certain classes can save your grade and help you succeed. Normally, final tests are worth twenty percent of your grade- if you are already doing well in the class, focus more on a shaky grade rather than on a strong one.
  3. Use your resources: Your teachers are your most valuable assets. Ask them if you have questions, and use the study guides, as teachers typically make the study guides with reference to the final test itself.
  4. Listen to your peers: Peers and students who have taken the test before you are vital in knowing how to conquer the class. Listen to them, their advice, and their knowledge.
  5. Come prepared & ready to test: Get a good night’s sleep, bring a snack, water, number 2 pencils/pen, calculator (if needed), something to do if you finish early, and any other materials your teacher may require you to bring.

Finals are nerve-wracking, sure, but having a good study plan and preparing yourself can help you conquer these tests and finish the semester confidently! Good luck to all Glenbard students this finals week!