Glenbard West Thespians Take On Theatre Fest 2019


Glenbard West Thespians after seeing the all-state show “In The Heights” featuring Glenbard West’s own Brennan Dougherty

The stage for the 44th Annual Illinois Theatre Festival All-State Show “In The Heights.”

Glenbard West thespians traveled down to the University of Illinois January 10-12 to go to the 44th annual Illinois High School Theatre Festival. The students were exposed to numerous performances produced and performed by other high schools along with workshops with everything from ballroom dancing to improv. This is a weekend where theatre kids across Illinois can embrace their inner Broadway stars and meet other thespians, exploring new areas of theatre.

The Illinois High School Theatre Festival selects plays and musicals at the beginning of the year which they believe embody the art of theatre. Junior Emily Davidson saw Harrisburg High School’s take on The Hunchback of Notre Dame with her friends and exclaimed that “it was one of the best shows” she had ever seen and it made “all of [her] friends cry.” Davidson went on to explain that “T-fest” allows her and her friends to be “independent” and “meet new people.”

Sophomore Charlie Musser elaborated saying he became closer with his school’s peers and met other thespians from other high schools. Musser believes that theatre fest allows him to step “out of [his] comfort zone” and let him “enjoy the world of theatre.”

Along with the numerous amounts of shows the students could attend, many workshops were offered. Senior Jessica Fernandez said the teachers within the workshops helped her “experience and skills in theatre.” She went on to discuss how she grew an appreciation for all aspects of theatre, saying “every single part is special.”

The most anticipated weekend for every thespian at West brought new magical memories for all, inspiring the passion for theatre within them.