The heARTfelt Gallery Impacts West


Art Pieces done by the GBW AP Art Students that are currently on display right now at the heARTfelt Gallery. These art pieces are also available for purchase to the public.

Located in Glen Ellyn, the heARTfelt Gallery is a small creative space in the Banyan Tree Mall and the Glenbard West Art Program has been part of it for three years now. Owned by Lucy Dallman, the gallery was meant to be a space for young and untrained artists to be noticed by the Glen Ellyn community.

Each year, Glenbard West AP Art students display their art pieces in the gallery to show their artistic abilities, along with the option of having the public purchase the pieces. Art teacher Colleen Doyle mentioned that Mrs. Dallman wanted to do a collaboration with the art program a few years back, and it has been happening ever since. Mrs. Dallman stated, “ I have bought a piece of art from each show that I hosted. So I have purchased three different pieces from students.”

Senior Desiree Gawle has been part of the AP Art Program for three years, and she elaborated that the “AP Art Program challenges you to be creative rather than just be educational.” With this being said, the AP Art Program has played a huge impact on how these students created their art for the heARTfelt Show.

Katie Short, a senior, also was part of the art show, even though this is her first year in the AP Art Program. She has shown her talent as well with her art piece of a portrait of her fellow classmate, Stanley Zuraski. Short commented, “I created a collage of vinyl records behind him that had art and music, it also had cassette tapes.” Katie used her unique perspective, earning her spot in The heARTfelt Gallery.

The heARTfelt Gallery is changing the way West students display their artwork.