Accessories from around the world: The Prince’s Table


Nicole Clapp

You can find rare, hand-crafted guilloche enamel pendants at the Prince’s Table

Originally published in The Glen Bard‘s December, 2014 issue.

Walking into The Prince’s Table for the first time was a fantastic experience.

The displays of intricately designed frames, uniquely patterned dishes, dazzling jewelry, and pastel colored soaps were absolutely breathtaking.

The Prince’s Table, located at 530 Duane Street, specializes in a variety of pieces including beautiful frames, insanely beautiful jewelry, and kitchen/home decor, and wedding gifts.

The Prince’s Table’s products are mostly American and European made, as the owner feel the quality is enormously better. In the store you will find premium metals and materials.

They carry many designer lines. Some of their most popular include Elias Artmetal Frames, which are frames electroplated and designed in the USA by Constantine Elias, created from their very own pewter.

They also sell Guilloche Enamel jewelry which is rarely made anymore due to the intricate process it takes to make the pendants.

The Prince’s Table specializes in engraving whatever you desire, with a wait time of only two days or less, for only twelve dollars. They want to ensure that their customers are satisfied and will personalize most items including dishes, frames, jewelry and more.

They can change posts on earrings to fit your style and can even put on clips for those who do not have pierced ears.

First opening in 1985 in California, owner Margot Day Henshaw had been inspired from her mother and grandmother to pursue this career. Ms. Henshaw grew up going to estate sales and began collecting unique items at quite a young age.

These pieces deeply inspired her to open a shop where she could share her love of unique goods by selling exceptional quality items and goods. She began by selling table-top accessories and other home decor items, but later stemmed into jewelry and personal gifts.

When I went in, I was in awe of all the jewelry. Ms. Henshaw explained that she buys from designers from all over the world-from France to Israel to America. A few of the lines she carries are La Vie Parisienne, Sorreli, Mariana Spirit of Design Israel, Extasia of France, Kenny Ma of San Francisco and Clara Beau of San Francisco.

Every piece in the store is custom made, which is rarely found anywhere else in Glen Ellyn. She believes that since things can be easily reproduced in Asia, buying unprecedented items from America and Europe is vital.

Although the competition with Asia is high, Ms. Henshaw still believes it is important to buy things from America and Europe, where there is great craftsmanship.

The Prince’s Table really focuses on preserving craftsmanship, which is rarely found these days.

The magnificent gifts from all over the world found at The Prince’s Table are just a quick walk away from Glenbard West. The pieces there are fantastic as gifts, or as a treat for yourself!

From the detailed frames to the beautiful jewelry to the soaps and candles, it doesn’t get any better!

With Christmas and the holiday season coming up, it’s a perfect place to stop for gifts, be it for a friend or significant other.