April Senior Spotlight: Julia Norvid


Abby Hoffman, Columnist

This month’s Senior Spotlight is on Julia Norvid- a warm, kind, friendly, and involved Glenbard West Student. Let’s hear more about what she has to say about her time in high school!

Abby: In addition to theatre, one of the many activities you are involved in at West is choir. Can you tell us what choir you’re in and explain the difference in the various choirs offered?

Julia: There are four different choirs at West: Treble, Concert/Baritone, Advanced Treble and Chamber. Most girls begin in Treble and most boys begin in Baritone. The more you learn in class, the more you feel comfortable doing complex music and are able to be in a more advanced group. I sing in chamber choir this year.

Abby: How long have you been singing/performing?

Julia: I’ve been singing/performing since I was in third grade.

Abby: Is choir something that anybody can join or do you need to be selected? What advice would you give to underclassmen looking to join?

Julia: Anybody is more than welcome to join! A lot of underclassmen tend to be hesitant to join because they are worried they won’t get their credits in. My advice is to join anyway because there are plenty of ways to fit everything you need into your schedule while still doing choir. Having a music class in my day is something I value most and recommend everyone to do.

Abby: Speaking of choir, I understand you just took a fabulous trip to Italy with the choir. What can you tell us about this amazing opportunity?

Julia: I did! The trip was unbelievable. We traveled to Rome, Florence, Venice and some other smaller towns in between. We spent our days sightseeing, eating some amazing Italian food, and exploring the cities. All of the music departments were also able to perform in Cathedrals. I couldn’t stop thinking the whole time how lucky I was to travel somewhere so beautiful with my best friends doing what I love most.

Abby: Another club we see you are very passionate about is Best Buddies. Can you tell us what this club entails and what makes it so special to you?

Julia: In Best Buddies you get to build relationships with students who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. I’ve met my best friends through the club and have made some of my favorite memories. Anytime I see a buddy, it always makes my day.

Abby: It’s that time all seniors are talking about colleges! Have you made a decision yet?

Julia: I have! I’ll be attending Elon University in the fall.

Abby: Congratulations, that’s so exciting! What will you miss the most next year?

Julia: I’ll miss being with the people I’ve grown up with the most.

Abby: Favorite memory at West?

Julia: My favorite memory at West would be all of the fun and special traditions.

Thanks so much Julia! We loved learning more about you and your time at West!