West wraps up the main stage with a successful run of ‘Still Life with Iris’


Cast of the Glenbard West Theatre’s spring children’s play “Still Life with Iris”.

Glenbard West Theatre concluded their show season with the show-stopping children’s play Still Life with Iris the weekend of April 11-13. Although it was a bitter-sweet moment to see the class of 2019 take their final bows, seniors reflected back on the show and their experience within the theatre club.

The audience throughout the performances watched the growth of a young girl named Iris. She lived on the fictional island of Nocturno, home of many whimsical people and creatures that are in charge of creating the clouds in the sky and beautiful flowers below.

Everyone on the island wears a coat that keeps all of their memories safe and without it, no one would remember anything.

When asked to join an island full of the most perfect objects due to her grace and kindness, Iris has to sacrifice her coat, making her lose her memory. However she managed to retrieve a button off of her coat, the only memory she had. Using the button, the audience was able to follow Iris as she found her way back home to her family in the end.

Senior Katie Laird, playing the role of Mom and Miss Overlook, expressed she is going to miss the “family-like bond” the theatre club has made for her. She is so thankful for theatre at West and is excited to see the theatre club “grow in years to come.”

Senior Kelly Maganini, playing the role of Gretta Good, loved playing a “comedic role, something [she has] never really gotten to do” on the stage and loved the rush “waiting backstage before going on.”

Additionally, senior Alex Stolfe played the role of Memory Mender and elaborated that she enjoyed how the show “had a message for everyone” and was not “just for the kids.”

After crafting and performing  twelve different shows here at West, the senior thespians of Glenbard West theatre should be extremely proud of the outstanding accomplishments they have made in their high school careers.