West Welcomes Wilyna Frankel


Photo courtesy of Glenbard West Twitter.

Wilyna Frankel is a social work intern here at West. Prior to arriving at West for the internship, Ms. Frankel was the head of human resources for a financial institution for a long period of time. After having her children, Ms. Frankel took a bit of a break from work and decided to go back to school to get a master’s degree in social work. Having double majored in undergraduate political science and organizational communication at Concordia University, Ms. Frankel enjoys the overlap in her undergraduate and graduate majors as they “help [her] understand the systematic ways in which [individuals] are influenced.” In high school, Ms. Frankel’s favorite subject was English and really liked her teacher who “prepared [her] for college in really good ways” and, though it sounds “cliché, prepared [her] for life.” She also participated in debate and Model United Nations in high school and is willing to help these clubs out here at West. As a social work intern, Ms. Frankel fulfills similar tasks as the other staff members in Student Services and is happy to have “learned a lot from them” in such a short amount of time here.