West Welcomes Ronald Brock


Photo courtesy of Glenbard West Twitter.

Ronald Brock is new to West, teaching business, specifically consumer ed and business law. He also teaches at Glenbard North in the mornings and switches over to West in the afternoon. Mr. Brock has been teaching for ten years, previously teaching “business education and special education” at all levels from elementary to college. He loves teaching business classes because all of the materials are “100% real-world applicable” to students; specifically, the budgeting unit is one of his favorites as managing money is something that is important for everyone to know. It makes sense that Mr. Brock’s favorite classes when he was in high school were all his business classes, and he “took almost every single business class” offered. Mr. Brock has wanted to become a teacher since he had an accounting teacher his sophomore year who “was a big part of [his] high school life” and was the reason he wanted to help other kids and “teaching was the best way [he] could do that.” Mr. Brock attended Illinois State for undergrad majoring in business education, then received a master’s degree from Aurora University in educational technology, as well as earning a special education certification. He is a coach for the Glenbard South football team and is “hoping to pick up a sport [at West] either in the winter or in the spring” and be involved in as many events as possible when not coaching.