West junior releases single ‘Million Songs’


The album art for ‘Million Songs’, Photo by William Hohe

After a long wait, junior Brye Sebring is releasing her first single, “Million Songs”. The single was released on October 4th, and is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Last May, Brye set her sights on releasing an EP, or extended play, bearing the same name as her soon-to-be-released single. The EP contained three songs.

Unfortunately, all progress on the collection of songs was lost when Brye’s producer’s laptop was stolen. “There was nothing backed up, so we lost everything,” said Brye. The entire album was set back by four months. This is because the process of recording and producing music is “a lot of trial and error” and “repeating the same thing over and over again until you get it right.” However, this allows room for “a lot of creative freedom.”

Despite the setbacks, Brye and her team have plans to release other singles and an album in the next few years. “We already have a song recorded…finished and planned for December,” she explained. “All the proceeds are going to go to Make a Wish.”

The singer-songwriter’s music does not fit into a single category. “It honestly depends,” she said, “two years ago, the music I was writing was all on guitar, and very quiet and timid.” But she believes her music has “blossomed into something more positive […] descriptive, and fun.”
She draws inspiration from English singer and author Dodie Clark. “I love her style […] the way she writes and the language she tends to use.” Brye admires how descriptive Dodie is, and sees similarities in their writing and music styles.

After overcoming obstacles, Brye is ready to share her music on October 4th. The world awaits to hear her next single and another ‘million songs’ in the coming years.

To follow Brye’s story and to listen to “Million Songs,” follow her Instagram page, @bryenoelle.