Top 10 Horror Movie Favorites for this October


October has arrived and “spooky” season has officially begun. With that comes a certain responsibility to each film enthusiast— finding the perfect scary movie. Throughout cinematic history, the world has experienced an array of horror movies, designed to thrill the viewers and spike the audience’s heart rate. Although there are hundreds of spine-chilling films out there, it becomes a challenge to find one that will truly bring out the essence of what Halloween month really means. To make it easier, here are ten unearthly and chilling horror movies and thrillers for this October. 

Carrie- A Brian De Palma film modeled after Stephen King’s famous novel, Carrie is underestimated by how truly horrifying it actually is. Carrie, a young teenage girl, is an outcast. Constantly bullied, berated at school, and greeted at home by a wave of abuse and confinement, Carrie’s life is far from tranquil. Channeling her anger and hatred for her life, Carrie finds herself to have the most extraordinary gift of all: telekinesis. This is no sweet Matilda story, however, and when prom night rolls around, it is time for Carrie to get what she really wants: revenge. 

The ShiningWhen Jack Torrance, his wife, and his son, Danny, take the opportunity to take care of the isolated Overlook Hotel, things go far from expected. As the old haunted spirits of ghosts begin to arise in hotels, Jack is plagued by psychotic visions. Before long, what little sanity Jack had soon becomes unraveled, and his homicidal tendencies begin to appear. Terror, insanity, and one grand plot twist makes this film absolutely unforgettable. 

The VisitPerhaps holding the plot twist of all plots twists, The Visit is a movie to not be forgotten. Two young teens get the opportunity of a lifetime: to visit their mystery grandparents. Determined to create a documentary based off of the history of their grandparents and mother’s strained relationship, their personal film goes far from what they expected, and the trip soon becomes that of a prison. 

The Silence of the LambsSpine-chilling, inhumane, and brilliant are few words to describe The Silence of the Lambs. When the young prodigy, Agent Sterling, is assigned to a case to find the infamous murderer known as Buffalo Bill, she must use the only secret weapon she knows- Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal Lecter is a world-famous serial killer, known best for his intense cannibalism. Although intimidated, Sterling must push through the boundaries of her past in order to catch Buffalo Bill once and for all. 

The ConjuringWhen a couple of paranormal investigators decided to explore the ghostly seeming farmhouse owned by the Perrons, they uncover the evil spirits hidden within. As time progresses, the presence of the spirits only increases and takes a turn for the worse. The horrifying escape from the Perron house commences and one question remains- who will come out alive?

Split- One of the most intense psychological thrillers, Split is guaranteed to make even the bravest of people shiver. When a young teenage girl finds herself kidnapped and locked in the basement of a strange man, she has one option: to escape. As her struggle and strife continues, she soon discovers the terrifying illness within her captor, and must find a way out before the beast is revealed. 

Paranormal ActivityYet another documentary-based film, a couple moves into a suburban home when they begin to discover deadly spirits in their presence. As terrifying events continue to occur, the couple soon realizes that their fate lies in their own hands. Determined to figure out what is really going on, they set up video cameras all around their house, not prepared for what they will find lurking in the middle of the night.  

Black SwanBallerinas are known for their gracefulness, their prestige, their ability to endure unbelievable pain while looking absolutely stunning. Nina, played by Natalie Portman, is the perfect example of a classic ballerina. However, when her fight for perfection turns into a chase for the unachievable, Nina begins to spiral into having an out-of-control need for the lead role in the ballet Black Swan. The outcome is mind-blowing. 

Children of the Corn- This is a Stephen King adaptation that represents the true essence of terror that is the inner corners of this famous writer’s brain. When a young couple decides to take a trip across the country, their traveling comes to a screeching halt when they encounter the body of a young murdered boy. They are forced to retreat to a small town in the middle of nowhere, fully inhabited by children. Innocent as it may seem, the couple soon learns that if they don’t escape, they will be sacrificed to the local demon. 

Hush- Being deaf had always been a roadblock for Sarah, prone to isolation and loneliness, and she separates herself from the rest of society by confining to a home in the woods. Only surrounded by forest and one neighbor, Sarah is content living by herself. This backfires, however, when a psychotic visitor comes with one intent— murder. Lack of hearing aside, Sarah must use her survival instincts to stay alive. Hush is exciting and terrifying all in one film.