The ILMEA Auditions: What’s it Like?

This past October, students participated in the Illinois Music Education Association auditions, which is a sponsorship that offers students a great opportunity to experience so much more of the music world. On Tuesday, October 1st, students who were members of the school’s music groups participated in an audition for a chance to take part in an honor musical ensemble. This included groups such as orchestra, band, choir, and more. Auditioning students were ranked and the highest-ranked musicians were invited to participate in the honors ensembles in November. 

According to orchestra director Mr. Ortega, anyone is eligible to participate. However, the musician must be either studying privately or be at the top of their respective sections in class. Naturally, participating students have to be ready to take on challenging music, whether they qualify or not. Despite this, plenty of students participated. Some were actually required to do so, as they were sitting in the 1st and 2nd chair. Mr. Ortega also states, “Those who are auditioning should be committed to practicing their instrument on a daily basis.” 

The audition process is quick, about 10 minutes for each student. Interestingly, there was no talking during the auditions, according to sophomore Madeline Kirincic. This was to ensure that judges wouldn’t be biased when it came down to criteria. In fact, the judges also had their backs facing away from the students.

As for what the students may have been feeling, choir student Jackson Pekny reveals that “everyone was kind of nervous, same as me.”  Several students said the environment was said to be welcoming; there were people who constantly offered their help to the students. 

This year’s ILMEA results are: 

Honors Band: Amanda Scheller

Honors Chorus: Sophia Hadley, Robbie Matthew, Jackson Pekny, and Brye Sebring

Honors Orchestra: Marina Akamatsu, Maya Umlauf, and Zoe Umlauf

9-10 Chorus: Devyn Carr, Abby Trieger, Owen Reifel, and Morley Coval